All You Need to Know About Faith Based Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Faith Based Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Faith Based Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Is drug and alcohol addiction the result of a spiritual crisis? Many people of faith believe so. For them, finding treatment in a religious recovery center allows them to approach the problem from a spiritual perspective. For them, the healing of mind and body can’t come without the healing of the soul. Proponents of this type of recovery believe that a person will often turn to addictive behaviors to try to fill the void left by a lack of spirituality. Very often the disease of addiction can shake one’s faith. In these circumstances the person of faith may not feel that a traditional drug and alcohol treatment program or even Alcoholics Anonymous is sufficient for mending their spiritual crisis.

Whatever your faith tradition, there are addiction recovery programs available for most religions including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and even Pagan.

How Does Faith-based Treatment Work?

While each program may be structured slightly differently, most religious recovery programs will use a combination of non-spiritual recovery methods and the teachings of their faith. Counseling and therapy as in secular treatment, will be crucial components. This approach can work best for those who are willing to get sober and are able to adapt well to the religious teachings of their faith. Treatment can constitute a varied program that may include alcohol and drug addiction education and counseling, group therapy, spiritual principles and religious studies, prayer and meditation, and relapse-prevention training.

The goal of these programs, aside from addiction recovery, is not so much to proselytize newcomers into the fold but to build on and strengthen the faith that the individual already has. Though, for those not of the faith they will probably not find that the curriculum is right for them. Practicing a religion that is not yours could likely be an unpleasant experience and could have the effect of interfering with their recovery. Finding a faith-based treatment program that aligns best with your beliefs will have the most positive effect on your recovery.

A Spiritual Solution with Secular Support

Some centers may offer a faith-based curriculum a as track that includes secular practices or they may integrate it fully into a faith-centered program. When a program is based around faith, faith can be used as vital support for overcoming substance dependence. These programs create an accepting and nurturing environment that brings together a community of people who are likewise focused on healing and getting healthy. Rather than coercing anyone into faith, these programs create an inviting place to come into a sober as well as spiritual way of life. Clients can overcome their dependence of substances by relying on God and using the power of spirituality. Whether the programs are Christian or represent another tradition or deity, they all place their faith in a higher power whether they are referring directly to God or not. Even though many of the programs and options may use different variations, the core belief remains the same: A power greater than the individual can help with the problems.


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